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We do Name Badges and do them WELL
We are proud to be contracted to these larger groups as the sole supplier of their Name Badges
Spar National Supplier Approval
Build it Supplier
Spar National Supplier
Southern Sun National Supplier
Matus Name Badge Design Layout  Q70  20t
Life  National approved Suypplier
Netcare National approved Supplier
Medicross Name Badge
Netcare 911 Supplier
Mr Price National approved Supplier
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Name Badges are Custom Designed to your specifications.

Shape, Size, Background Colour and Design Elements are all customizable. 

We will help you design the perfect Name Badge for your Company.

The latest Hi-tech Equipment is used in the Manufacturing of Badges. 

We Produce High Quality Products at any Volumes. 

Our Featured Products

Standard Name Badge Domed

Standard Badge Manufactured on a warm white background then polymer Resin Domed.

Gets a Magnet or a Pin to attach to clothing

Volvo Standard Name Badge

Volvo Badge very similar to the badge on the left with cold white background, uses a backing plate and double magnet for attachment

Clover Badge 65 x 20mm Domed with Magnet
Aluminium UV Printed Badge

Aluminium UV Printed Name Badge

No Doming

Domed Pin Badge
Re-Usable Badge

Re-Usable Badge... Branded with your logo or slogan...or both.... Requires own printed name to be inserted.

Lapel Pin Metal Badge

NETCARE Long Service Brass Badge

Netcare UV Printed Badge

NETCARE  911 Badge

UV Printed on smooth silver

Domed Name Badge
Netcare Standard Badge

NETCARE Name Badge



Tsogo Gaming Badge


Printed on a brushed Silver

Custom Name Badge
Wodden Engraved or UV Printed Badges

Wooden Badges are manufactured on very high quality imported wood laminates.

Badge gets a magnet for attachment to clothes.

These badges can be Engraved or UV printed in multiple colours.

They are normally not resin domed. However they can be.



Quiver Tree Wooden Badge
Custom Wooden Badge
Wood Engraved Keyring with Split Ring
Wooden Engraving
Domed Decals

Domed decals can be manufactured in various sizes using different background materials and printed with Eco solvent inks or UV printing methods.

These are popular in the craft beer industry



Domed Decal
Bacardi Domed Decal
Domed Stickers
Mass Manufacturing Proccess
Attachment Types
Magnetic Badge

High Quality Neodymium Magnet is used

for attaching our badges to clothing

Pin can be used instead of magnet

Broach Pin is another option 

Available to secure your badge

Name Badge Design 
Name Badge Layout / Design

Badges are Manufactured using Quality imported Polymer Resins

Our strict quality control ensures our badges are up to scratch and better.

If by chance you are not satisfied with your badge please just let us know,

we will replace any badge for manufacturing  flaws or faults.


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